Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We got robbed at gunpoint Monday night. Donna and I were sitting in our car, enjoying the night air and talking when two guys wearing red bandanas came up one on each side. The one on Donna's side was armed with a double-barrel rifle. The one on my side had a semi-automatic handgun. I was totally powerless. I told them to take the car, whatever they wanted. He had me get out of the car and onto the ground. He told me to take my pants off. The one guy was cussing at Donna and that made me very angry. I repeated multiple times, "Don't hurt my wife." This annoyed them and I apparently was not quick enough with my pants. The one guy told the other just to shoot me if he had to. They did not get my wallet as it was not in those pants.

They took Donna's wallet and a set of keys. They asked for cell phones which we did not have and a purse which Donna does not possess. This frustrated them. They ran off from us and I looked at the back of their vehicle for tag or decals et cetera. There were none. I was thankful that Donna had not been hurt. I got my shoes and we walked down the hill back to our apartment. I didn't feel uncomfortable that I was walking around without pants. After the police left and our locks had been changed we left town. Donna has taken care of cancelling our cards, protecting our identity, et cetera. I'm taking off until next Tuesday so we can get moved into a new apartment.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Waffle House Wedding

Holy Hell! This is the greatest video on the internet! Please, guys, go have a looksie...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pass out the cigars

I'm a daddy and congrats,you're all uncles! It's a boy!

He's a beautiful little hyperactive bundle of joy!

Really, it's all so exciting---
Three weeks and we've already sent him to bed without dinner more than once.

Is 120lbs big for a baby?

Oh, but you see--
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.