Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My New Car: 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 S (Smoke Grey)

I did it.

I finally bought a car. It was a long and difficult process. Finding the right car. Getting said car to the right price. All of my efforts feel necessary given the condition, mileage, and options of the car. It was not easy. There was a lot of frustration throughout the process. If you need any tips, I can help. I did a lot of research. I waited a month and a half, but it paid off. My new car is a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. I bought it with 29,200 miles on it. Just from my drive back from Florida to New Orleans and it now has 30,000.

175-hp 4-cylinder engine
4-speed automatic
4-wheel disc brakes
16-inch alloy wheels
8-way power driver seat w/lumbar adjustment
Leather-wrapped steering wheel w/radio and trip computer controls
Front anti-Lock brakes
Cruise Control
Driver and passenger air bags
Rear Window Defroster
Power door locks
Power mirrors
Power windows
Sunroof (with moonroof option)
Tinted windows
Periscope and tilted wheel
Keyless Entry
Anti-theft security System
Bose 6 speaker stereo system with 6 disc CD changer

I got it from a wholesale lot, but at a private seller price. Bill of sale price $12,949 ($13,761.94 with tax, tag, and title transfer).

Monday, December 1, 2008

I've Gone Blu Ray!

I wanted to tell you guys about a killer deal I got on Black Friday. Amazon.com had a special Playsation 3 package deal that was pretty much a shot in dark to get since there were only 500 units to buy, and thousands of people trying to get said deal. So I logged into Amazon at 9:20 am on friday and watched the countdown until 9:30 and hoped I could be one of the 500.  The clock hit 0 and the "Add to Cart" button came up. I clicked on it as soon as it popped up and waited while the order processed.  Finally, after about 5 minutes the page came up to complete the order. So the Amazon gods silmed upon me and I was chosen!

So I got a ps3, the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy on Blu ray and the "Little Big Planet" game for the cool price of $199!

So Jed, I know you have a ps3 and I would imagine have started a blu ray collection. Would love some recommendations on what some good titles to buy on blu ray would be. (Iron Man and 300 are obvious choices)  I already bought Indiana Jones 4, and tried to get Iron Man but it was sold out at wal mart. (Oh, and did you really go to Epcot this weekend? And why did you not get in touch with me if you did...Ive got Disney connections)

Jeff, I wanted to wish you a happy graduation and I am sorry that I can't be there.  I am glad you made it and I hope you get a job doing what you love.