Tuesday, September 30, 2008

xxx truth becomes lies xxx

a recap: how i spent my summer

a brother became a son then once again a brother
except then said brother said this brother was dead to him
young black men became more frightening as did the darker hours of day
and taco bell
but i became more aware of my surroundings and of what matters
for example, taco bell would make one crappy last meal
an uncle became post-mortem and this took a wayward son homeward
a father became a figure much slimmer than the son but
still much more full of vanity (throwing that word in there for scott marie schultz)
an apartment became a danger zone and subsequently
725 became a great new price for rent
the old, awesome phone number became one less cool
(hint it spells tug arfs)
the newly wed empty nesters became dog owners
but it turned out the demon dog owned them
at work an easy fire became much harder to get rid of
and that same fellow became discontent, once more with feeling
the soul searcher found relief, a little peace, then broke it
with the passing weeks he became more adept at acceptance
more compliant with routine, though still not complacent
some hurricanes became tropical storms while others were more fierce
(jeff, sorry you became displaced)
a gallon of gas became an uncommon commodity
the instability of the economy became more apparent
the crisis talk made me want uncharted territory
donna became a year older, though i looked and felt much older than my stated age
i became tired of writing and quit.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howse check

Hey guys we're getting ready to send out the "save the date" magnets for our wedding. It pretty much just has the date so people that are coming can remember it. If you guys could email me your mailing addresses that would be awesome. I'm gonna send this message to you on Myspace as well so if you already did, then just disregard this. Love and miss you guys.