Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June and You Promised We'd Spoon

I got a like new GE DVD player out of the dumpster today. It was only like my second dive ever. Last week I got a catcher's mask,chest guard, and exercise equipment. It's amazing all the perfectly good stuff people throw out especially when so many organizations like Goodwill pick up charitable items. We got home from church and there was an old foot locker beside the dumpster. I told Donna I was going to check it out. I did and it was a bit too old to fool with, but I glanced into the dumpster to find this awesome new DVD player (and we had been needing a new one). It was just sitting on top at about the middle. I tried to reach for it but it was too far. I pulled the foot locker over and rested my right knee on it. I leaned into the dumpster, reached, and pulled out this great treasure. From the looks of things, some people are moving out and have opted to throw everything away. There's no telling how much perfectly good stuff is in there. This was the only thing that was worth the effort, at least in the daylight and humidity. I brought it in excitedly so. Donna and I marvelled at it. I unhooked the old APEX model with the broken disc tray and connected this much nicer one. On its tray was Friends' Season 5 Disc One. On starting the player, it greeted me "hello". When it was apparent that all was in proper working order, I shrieked with delight and clapped my hands. It was as if I had just created fire.

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Jeff Watkins said...

Good story. I love other people's trash.