Thursday, November 13, 2008


...but, please, no gays.


Justin said...

I for one, am looking forward to this mutation.

However let me get this straight...chickens in cali have rights, but gays don't?

Jeff Watkins said...

Oh, the "gays," as you call them, have rights. They just don't have a constitutional amendment legalizing their right to get married. No harm, no foul.

I do, however, feel it is a shame that same-sex couples do not get mutual benefits that the "heteros," as I call them, receive. I think if you choose to make your life partner your beneficary, then they should be able to be in the hospital with you on your death bed, and get your money.

I guess 2Pac was wrong:
"And although it seems heaven sent
We ain't ready, to see a black president."

Justin said...

It is very much a shame. I was doing some reading of the Amendement 2 that was on the Florida ballot this year, and I was pretty unnerved.

This amendment passing actually affects hetero couples who are not married as well.

I agree with you that same-sex couples should get the same benefits of straight couples. I just wish the far right could see this also.

Jared said...

Jeff, your first statement and your second statement do not mesh.

You said, "oh the gays have the same rights..."

Then you said, "oh but it sucks that the gays don't have these rights..."

Which one is it?

Jeff Watkins said...

Jed, neither of my comments conflicted. Gay folk have rights. They have the right to do whatever they wish. They can be gay. That's a right. They can be gay however they want. That's a right. I was simply saying how unfair it is that they do not have the right to visit a partner in the hospital simply because they're not married.