Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love The Smell of Wrecked Cars in the Morning

 Last week my 98 Firebird got hit by a drunk driver.  It's a very long story and I will glady tell you about it in detail over the phone sometime. Just not wanting to go into the whole story on a blog. What I will say is that I was super upset, I really loved that car and I knew the other insurance company would total it out.  I was sitting at a light behind a car, and I got hit from behind, and then my car hit the back of the car in front of me. Keep in mind this was around 2 am on a Wednesday morning. Thankfully, no one was hurt but I was directed to stand across the road and wait while the Police did their protecting and serving. After an hour of standing by and chain smoking an entire pack of menthols, I finally got to go home. My car barely made it to my complex, and it was pretty much the last time I got to drive it. The damage to the rear of the car was rough. The metal frame of the car was actually smashed in! So long story short, I was looking for a new firebird. 

The insurance people call me today, and my check for the car is going to be $3500. The killer thing is: I only paid $2900 for my car! This really made my week. I've already found a new firebird I am looking at tomorrow. It's an 86 red beautiful car! It has new EVERYTHING on it.  So if all goes as planned, I should have a new car by tomorrow night.  It's funny how even when something really bad happens, it can still work out good for some people . Kinda like how George Bush was for comedians.  (I know he's gone, but I cant let the jokes die!) 


Chase said...

It's interesting that you wanted to write about getting a new firebird, but that having your car totalled by a drunk driver was not at the time blogworthy.

When did this happen? I definitely want to hear the story. So glad you're okay and that no one else was hurt. Congrats on the car, makes me think of you like AJ Simon.

P.S. I tried to call you too even before I saw your comment but the number I had must be old. I wanted to make sure we were square on Coen-gate. Give me your info...

Justin said...

I will tell you the story. Its just way too long to actually type on out the blog. I did buy the 86 firebird today, and I love it!

My number is the same one, it was just cut off this week due to low funds. It's back on now. Give me a call buddy, 321 594 0358.

Jared said...

God damnit, I told that dude to "hit you from behind with a fiery terd," not "hit you from behind in your firebird." Sorry about the mixup man, I'm glad you're okay.

But you still have a shitty projectile coming your way soon.