Monday, June 29, 2009

Bofunk in Podunk

Been hanging out with the mom and the brother and our new pup, Jasper, a miniature schnauzer.
Put Donna's grandma in nursing home this week. No other option. She's adjusting well but raises hell when she sees or talks to any of the family.
Won a name your own toy-based movie contest. Am waiting to see if I win the same contest on Slate.
Was thinking of you guys yesterday and the proof is I bought you something from the candy aisle. So, I need your addresses. And if you can, supply me with William Michael's also.


Jared said...

awesome funny

Chase said...

Cool, OK...I'll send your candy to:

Awesome Funny

I guess it's one of those addresses like the White House or the North Pole.


Jared said...

bitch awesome funny comes directly to my front door. i immediately destroy the fun and salvage the awesome. watch out.

Jeff Watkins said...

Chase. I'm too fat. Eat my candy, please.