Thursday, January 22, 2009

These Eyes...

Times are tough for many living in the USA today. Nobody denies that. I guess all of us, despite any present dilemmas we face, are living pretty well. None of us are millionaires yet (unless Justin's movie makes a ton this year), but we are living better than we did in Graceville, and certainly better than much of the populace in America.

With that said, did you all hear that Circuit City is bankrupt and closing nationwide? What does this mean for us? Following Best Buy, Circuit City is the second largest electronic retailer. I am not one who usually worries too much about the current economic crisis because it does not overtly affect me. I am a bit cynical when it comes to all things that scare and shock people, including what happens in government. When everyone started needing a bailout my ears perked up. But, now with Circuit City closing, it seems that everything is going down the toilet. If they have trouble staying in business, what will happen next? I read a little bit about their situation, and they were having issues before the recession. Yet, the fact that they are bankrupt reflects the times we are living in.

Don't get me wrong, I love buying things at low cost, and then reselling it to unknowing people on the internet. That's how I supplement my income. I guess we will benefit from Circuit City's demise because we can purchase electronics, software, movies, and music at reduced prices. That's great. We had a store close in New Orleans recently, and I made a killing. My advice: just don't blow your life savings at a store going out of business.


Jared said...

CC's closing had a lot more to do with poor insight, and not as much to do with the economy. Sure, it didn't help, but it's a slippery slope when we stop blaming company's for their faults and start citing external influence that makes it "unfair" for the company. Corporate America needs to wake up and realize it can't always be Royce and caviar. If you don't keep the people happy, you won't keep making money.

Jeff Watkins said...

Is that why Apple makes the Mac so appealing and yet charges ungodly amounts for their machines?

I did mention that they had issues before the econmoic crisis. How has CC not kept you happy, Jared?

P.S. I loved our phone conversation the other day. Warms my heart.

Jared said...

CC is just so crappy, but they're gone so let's not waste our time there.

Apple however, is doing a pretty good job I think of creating things that people want, and that conveniently work! Unlike PCs.

P.S. Our conversation warmed my lap.