Friday, July 17, 2009

You Sorry Sacks of Summer Slothfulness


What is up? How have the long dog-days of summer been treating you? We haven't done anything together. It's understandable. I know we're all busy. I work 85 hours a week (which, if you're doing the math is five, 17.5 hour-long days). I make a crazy amount of money for that (about $1,100 bi-weekly) for, get this, sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Truthfully, I play a lot of Xbox and watch movies (currently watching 2nd season of Entourage), too. Basically, I do, 3-4 hours of real work.


I am so tired of it. I can't go to see live music. I can't leave town. I can't just take a day off without having to schedule it. I can't do anything. I go to a casino like two nights a week. I drink and waste money. That's my life. I'm tired and I'm old.


I'm looking for a new job. Something in education, hopefully teaching. I'm actually going to stay in town and try to attend Tulane University. Tulane is consistently voted in the Top 100 Colleges and Universities in America by Princeton Review every year. I'm excited about the possibility of graduating from a "real" school.


Some friends and I are looking for a house. Please know that you all have a standing invitation to visit. And if I have the space to put you up for a few nights, then you're welcome to stay with me. If not, I still make a terrific tour guide.

Love ya brahs, ya heard me!

(New Orleans is rubbing off on me.)