Saturday, April 4, 2009

Events Forthcoming

So I wanted to touch base with you guys about next weekend. I spoke with Jeff the other day and I realized I hadn't really been as informative as I could have been. So here goes..

The wedding on Saturday starts at 5:30, the only thing to worry about there is a drawbridge that's on the road. Sometimes it can raise for 20 minutes whenever a boat comes, so be prepared and come early.

But.... On Friday we are still having a party at my place. I know I have mentioned it to all of you before, but I was a little too generous when handing out spots at my place to stay. So far we have four people staying at our place and we can't really handle anymore. If we had a house and more than one bathroom, it might be different. I know I told you guys you could crash here but believe me when I say you guys aren't the only ones I've had to call and correct that with. I feel like an idiot, but oh well.

Needless to say, I would loooove for you guys to be here on Friday night. I know Mike won't read this so I'm counting on Justin to pass this along. I've already talked to him about it, but I've been told you're his transport. There will be six of you total I guess (Mike is bringing a friend in place of his ex-bitch) and I figured you could get together and work something out to everyone's benefit. That being said, I understand if any of you can't make it. Times is tight and so are vaginas. I will miss you but I'll see you on Saturday.

So discuss this and comment and let's see what can get worked out. All my very gayest love.


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Chase said...

yeah, everything's all set. i picked up my tux and have packed my bags.