Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Review

Jed is now Jared.
Justin rocks the Confederate Railroad.
Jeff has pretty hair.
My new glasses were approved of by Jared.
Scott gained 5 pounds!
Mike has walked away from Airwalks.
Ryan ain't nobody's monkey.

Jared does not believe in God.
Justin believes in a smoke break savior, depending on when you ask.
Jeff extends his friendship to these unbelieving ones.
The verdict is still out on me.
Scott is not orthodox.
Mike's faith has been made stronger by BS dealt him of late.
Ryan subscribes to belief in trans-humanism.

Jared loves a hot woman, depending on when you ask.
Justin accepted an invitation from Carl to go clubbing.
Jeff loves a black woman, depending on when you ask.
I'm getting a divorce, if you listen to Neil.
Scott does not understand the question, "how's married life?"
Mike did not invite me to his wedding, but did invite me to the after-party.
Ryan has sexual relations with milk.

Jared has been consistently employed longer than any of us.
Justin is an independent film producer or starving artist, depending on when you ask.
Jeff is good at his job, but would rather be someplace else.
I am unemployed and anxious.
Scott is a teacher at risk of losing his job.
Mike considers EMT school.
Ryan needs no employment as Cyborgs eat whatever and sleep whenever they like.

Jared has recently moved back to Jacksonville.
Justin will remain in Orlando.
Jeff knows not what tomorrow holds.
I vow to never move again.
Mike likely will move to Orlando.

Jared is married.
Justin shudders at the thought of marriage.
Jeff has many questions.
I vow to never marry again, unless Donna dies and then probably within a week.
Scott tries to find a loophole so he can marry a church father.
Mike holds steady.
Cyborgs don't marry, they decimate the ones they love.

And we all live happily ever after...until we die and then who knows?!?

Love you guys,


Jared said...

What exactly is the verdict still out on? Your faith or you friendship?

Chase said...

neither in reality, my friendship in jest.

Jared said...

roger that

Justin said...

Nice review Chase. I died at the Confederate Railroad thing. Technically Anna accepted the invite from Carl to go clubbing, I just agreed to go with them. Though I doubt this will ever actually happen.

Im not gay, but I do miss Jeff's pretty hair.

Jeff Watkins said...

Chase, this was one of your finest posts, ever. Really.

I [w]on't miss my hair. I want to shave this thing. I get hair in my mouth at night when I sleep. Yuck.

Chase said...

I appreciate your kind words guys.

There was the fear that what were intended as jokes would strike raw nerves.

I hope you know you're stuck with my friendship. I'm not going away so easily. It's nice to know you would all say something like that.