Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jeff shouldn't be the only one venting.

I have a few issues of my own that I am not sure how to handle. I haven't been in the best of spirits this weekend. I am flat broke, and zero gas in my car. It's been a few weeks since I have worked, and the savings I did have are long gone due to rent, bills and various other shit. Freelance video isn't always steady, and with the economy in the shitter, no one is really beating down my door to get work.

So here is my issue: I live with 3 people. One of them being my girlfriend, and the other two being mutual friends. One sleeps on my couch, until he gets back on his feet and finds work. The other sleeps in the computer room. Now, my girlfriend is really good friends with one of the guys, thats how he came to live with us. He battled cancer, and had to take a leave of absence from school, so he lost his place. When he came back he asked if he could live with us for the remaining time he had in school. Anna asked me about it, and I said as long as he pays rent on time and is clean. Now in my mind.....on time means the 1st of the month. Not the next day, or a week later.

Well the first month, he didnt have money, so he only gave us $100. (His rent is $650, which includes utilities and internet) I assumed Anna would make sure he paid us the rest, but instead it seems we have covered his share.

The second roommate, is staying with us because he hd to have surgery, and he ended up losing his job, because of recovery time. So now he is looking for a chef job, and giving us what little money he can. But he cooks for us, and cleans things up, so it's not so bad. I know he is trying to get work, and it looks like it will happen.

Now, back to this other issue. This month has been tough on me. So rent time comes around, and Anna and I have to again cover rent because the other guy doesn't have his "big check". So I have to go broke, and on top of that my cell phone gets cut off. I have insurance due as well. Now, what I have neglected to mention is that this guy orders food from Pizza Hut EVERY SINGLE DAY! And they day he gets a check, he doesnt give us anything in rent, but has the audacity to ask me to take him to best buy so he can buy a video game. Knowing I am broke, with no cell phone, an barely any gas. This pisses me off to no end. Anna ends up taking him, not ever once telling him he should at least give us SOME money towards rent. Instead he spends close to $100 at best buy. I was livid, but didnt say a word. My other issues with this guy is that he never does shit. He stays in his room on the computer all day long. He is basically anti-social when we have parties. And on top of that..he never cleans anything. It's not that I dislike him as a person, he is really funny, and has good taste in movies. To me, he is taking advantage of our friendships to him.

My friends say I should just confront him, but there is one problem: Anna. Last time I said anything to her about it, she accused me of being mean, and I should be like that. That is fucking insane! Basically, I have no opinion in my own house. If I say anything, I am viewed as the asshole. So I don't know what to do right now. I just hate this situation I am in, and want out.


Chase said...

Justin, man, sorry things are going so shitty right now. Hope they improve soon and that you're personal economy will improve. I pray they beat your door down with offers.

It seems like most of your struggles would be diminished if you had two decent roommates. Do you and Anna both pay 650 ea? And these guys pay so little? So you end up covering as much as 1300 ea month, shelling out a total 1950.

This is not a cool situation. I don't know how you're getting by. You aren't an asshole for wanting them to pay what they've agreed to pay. Fair is fair and at least this one guy, perhaps both, are screwing you over and totally taking advantage. You're suspicions are correct. How long has this been going on?

Don't be afraid to make an issue of this otherwise you're all going to end up out of an apartment. I very likely would tell that guy to leave asap, to piss off. but if you wanted to be a bit nicer, you could give him a week to come up with what he owes you. Do you have that kind of time? I don't know. Whatever you decide, I would get some kind of an agreement in writing with both of them. Start looking for at least one new roommate, post on craigslist.

You've got to have a serious plan for how you aren't going to end up out this much money. I think that plan involves reliable roommates with work and a written agreement but it may also involve moving into a smaller space. Anna shouldn't fault you for not wanting to be pissed on. Besides, there really aren't any two ways about it, you can't foot the bills alone.

Jared said...

I think the situation with your girl is even worse than your money situation, no matter how broke you are.

You most certainly need to iron out this deadbeat roommate of yours and quickly. I think Anna will wind up respecting you in the end for standing up not only for yourself, but also for her, she just doesn't realize it yet. This is quite a shitty predicament, you said it right.

This is funny coming from a guy who also lived in your house for free... :)

Justin said...

I wish that could work. Part of the probelm is Anna. See, Anna and Dana (the roomate), are really close friends. So the times I have brought up this issue, I have pretty much been accused of being mean, and I should lay off.

Our rent is $1200 a month, plus utilities. The problem was, Anna and I had to cover the rent otherwise pay a late fee. So we have to bear the responsibility of rent being paid on time, and instead of him at least giving us some money for rent (as in the $100 he spent at best buy), we have to cover the whole thing. That and the fact that I usually am the one who ends up keeping shit clean, kinda makes things shitty.

Jed, you could always live with me for free bro. I love you guys, and I know you wouldnt take advantage of me. Besides...its not like I paid rent in the Manor anyways,and my power bill was like $40 a month. Ah, back when life was truly simple.

The good news is: I just got hooked up with a really nice gig, and this could mean ALOT of money. Which also translates into another much desired thing: my own apartment to myself.

Thanks Chase and Jed for your great advice, and I look forward to hearing Jeff's take as well.

Jeff Watkins said...

Sorry I'm late giving advice.

Justin, be the asshole! If he/she is taking advantage, it would be advantageous (good word, no?) of you to take some action. If Anna is mad, tell her she has to cover Dana's end plus her own! It doesn't matter if you're being mean. Being taken for granted is never a good situation to be in. Seriously, nobody likes a mooch.

Consequently, now that you have work, I feel compelled to mention that you still owe me $30 from five years ago, when I lent you $200 in college. I expect it by the first of the month. Haha, I'm kidding. Except that I'm serious. Hope you like your thumbs.