Friday, April 25, 2008

Intoxicated Jaywalkers

A couple weeks ago I was at Donna's mom's house. A guy got a flat tire in the road on the side of her house. I told him he could pull the truck into the yard and leave it until he was able to get back the next morning. He got stuck in the driveway whilst pulling in leaving him halfway out in the road still. I had tried to help him but really was of no use. It was getting darker and his girlfriend had not arrived as promised.

A sherrif's car drove by on the road in front of the house. I threw my hand into the air thinking that they would have resources to move this guy's truck. I had not noticed his erratic behavior before and what I had seen I chalked up to appropriate hysterics considering the situation. However, when the cop lady arrived I realized they were here to help but in a different way than I had imagined. Next thing I know, cop lady had the guy put his hands on the truck and was frisking him. He's apologizing for the whole thing and I'm trying to clarify to cop lady that all that had happened was that he had a flat tire.

Come to find out, she had been looking for him for nearly an hour driving all over that part of town. She had received so many calls complaining of a man veering on and off the road, into ditches people's yards. So, I realized he was a bit intoxicated and all the erratic behavior made a lot more sense. No wonder he was trying to remove his tire even though he didn't have a spare. Within 20 minutes, five cop cars arrived on the scene each with two cops each in tow. It ended up being just a bunch of dumb redneck law enforcers harrassing this guy and giving the neighborhood the free light show. A while after he was apprehended they shut him up in the back of the car. He was given two options: hospital to check his blood or jail. Apparently, he picked jail. Also, his license will be suspended for one year.

And thus concludes the story of how I got the drunk man off the road and saved Christmas!


Jared said...

This is awesome! It reminds me of that time that some black guy came to jeff's place in g'ville and somehow he got inside and I pitched a fit because we didn't know him. Fun times.

Chase said...

pretty sure, that was me too.

or did you know that and were setting me up?

anyway, i remember it pretty clearly now. you,jeff,and donna were there, justin may have been,at my apartment on pearl street. this guy came to the door with some story about having been walking for some distance. he asked to come inside for a minute to sit down and to cool off, and for some water to drink. then of course, we could not get him to go away. yes, you were in the back hiding. i think one of you all may have given the guy a lift, but someone else rode along i think.

pretty weird and intense now that i think of it. i almost got us all killed. sorry.

Jeff Watkins said...

Holy crap! I forgot about that. When Jed mentioned this incident, I didn't think it was at my apartment. But I remember now.

Chase, you didn't get us killed. There were so many of us, we'd stomped that guy out if he would have tried anything.