Sunday, April 20, 2008

New David Bazan Tunes

 Dave just played a show in Austin recently, and he played 4 new songs. Three of them I have heard before in concert, but the fourth one was really new even for me. So check them out at the link here.

The new songs in case you don't know them are as follows : Weeds in The Wheat, Please Baby Please, The Stiches and When We Fell.

Also Harmless Sparks is new as well, although he goes into a song from the ep during it as well.  

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Jeff Watkins said...

I heard this show because he links it from his website, I think. I like "Harmless Sparks" but I think I like the song off the EP (either "Selling Advertsing" or "Fewer Moving Parts"; I can't remember which) is better as a stand alone song. Either way, I'm excited about the new album. 2004 was many years ago.