Saturday, May 10, 2008

hypocrite, hippo-crates,hip-hop craze

hypocrite-because i said we should blog more but again it has been a week.
hippocrates-because my number one rule is "first do no harm".
hip-hop craze-because it always comes in handy to have black people on your side.

several less than profound notes and then salutation:

my hair sticks to my head, should shower like three days ago.
found the girl i went to prom w/ on facebook. haven't talked to her since 2000. still waiting for her to say "yes" again.
it's just i don't appreciate that disconnect w old friends you know, at least for no good reason.
worked off the clock a few hours over-time this week so as to get caught up. i think i faired pretty well.
that is, i reviewed my caseload (all 72) and for the first time in weeks i knew what was going on w/ all but a few of them.
i hope you're having a blastoma in vegas,jederick.
going to jak-sun this weekend-really though it will only be about 30 hours. not so bad.
i've got this mix cd i'm keen to make soon: songs for the disability examiner.
i really am as smart as scotty schultz, i just haven't figured out how to show it.
then you will all see my einsteinian heritage.

but as for now, i remain this creepy old prom date badly in need of a shower who cannot stop obsessing about his job.

ode to you, dear pimps.

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Jeff Watkins said...

There's a little Scott Schultz in all of us. Yay. Group hug.

Chase, sorry I haven't written you back or called you. School is over for summer. So, we will talk soon.