Saturday, May 24, 2008

I died in Las Vegas

Not really, but I did give myself a concussion on the last day. Long story short, I was jumping on the bed and the ceiling was a little lower than I thought. Other than that, the trip was amazing. We broke even on gambling, which is all I was hoping for. My best night was putting down $20 at a Blackjack table and walking away with $120. I'll put a few pictures here for you guys and move on.

And now for a few more updates...
- we set a wedding date (4/11/2009) You guys are all invited. It's a Saturday and if you'd like to see where we're getting hitched you can click here.
- my transfer to Jacksonville has been finalized, I begin work on August 4 at the beach. We're going on June 3 to apply for an apartment.
- finally here's a video for all your moms - Mommies are the greatest.

So yeah, it's been a crazy summer so far and it's only getting better. Good thing though, cause I'm ready to leave this town and I'm hoping the time will fly. Oh, and one more thing, two of our closest friends here in Gainesville are getting ready to move to Nashville at the end of summer, so that should set us up for a few visits with a certain white kid I know...

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Chase said...

awesome story. i thought maybe you were going to ellope. of course, what many people don't know is that vegas marriages don't hold up elsewhere-it's part of the whole what happens in vegas stays there maxim.

anyway, i am excited that a date is set. i have marked my calendar. i plan to attend. i looked at the location, nice. always have liked outdoor weddings.

look forward to your impending visits...we will have lots of fun.

you should call me sometime soon.