Monday, May 5, 2008

The Music Makers

I've been listening to alot of new music lately. Actually more like new music from old bands., but you get the idea.   First off, I will mention a new band that I have only been listening to for about a year, and I have to say they are in my top 10 favorite bands at this point.  They are called Lucero, and they are a mix of rock, country and punk. In fact the lead singer was in a punk band in the early 90's before he went on to form Lucero.  I cannot stop listening to them, and I even filmed a show for them here in Febuary.  The side of me that is a "little bit country, a little bit rock n roll" tends to be saited when I play their music.

I also just picked up the debut album by Mudcrutch. Now, if you don't know the history, it was Tom Petty's band he formed in Gainesville way back before he started the Heartbreakers. So now 30 years later they decide to form up and record an album. It's a really good album, and fits in with alot of Tom Petty's other music, but it's different at the same time. It's alot more southern in it's style than his Heartbreakers stuff.  

Also, just for the sake of mentioning it, go see Iron Man! It's so good, and Robert Downey Jr is amazing in it.  It's a good start to what should be an amazing summer of movie watching.


Jared said...

Yeah, we're probably gonna go see Iron Man in Vegas, Clinton saw it and agrees with you that it is very awesome. But then again, he also like No Country.... Sigh.

Jeff Watkins said...

I just bought the new Death Cab For Cutie. I haven't listened past song two yet. I wonder if that's an indication of anything.

P.S. My word verification is buyebay. If they only knew.