Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apparently, Indenting is for the Gays

Part of my daily routine at work is checking frames that people bring in to ensure they are in a condition to be remade with new lenses. Lots of people like to do this to save money, and they can get pretty testy when they're told that their frames aren't up to snuff.

One of my coworkers, Marcel, who happens to be gay, was working with me last Sunday. He brought back a pair of glasses that were in pretty bad shape, and needless to say, I turned him down. Marcel is a great guy, and also very fashionable. He has several ear piercings and dresses very snappy. I have conversations about penises (penisi?) with him all the time. It is not hard for anyone to see that he is gay.

When he informed Mr. No Good Glasses, the ignorant white trash looked at him and fumed for a few seconds, and said the only thing a logical person could say:

"Well, that's okay, I don't like people with jewelry in their ears anyway."


Justin said...

Methinks his logic doth have flaws.

Chase said...

About that...
I always indent
It's very beautiful and stylish
and it turns me on
But I thought it was italics that were homosexual.

Jeff Watkins said...

I believe the plural form is penises.

I've got a goal: to somehow bring up penis in every comment for the next few days.

Jared said...

Jeff, you bring up penisi without ever even using the word!

Jeff Watkins said...

So I hear, so I hear.