Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where My Money Goes

If you ever hear me complain about why I am broke, just take a look at my dvd shelves and you will see why. Yesterday I made a trip to one of the local used bookstores and to Best Buy. Or as I like to call them: My crack dealers.

Now the reason for going to the bookstore was to try and find the rest of the Preacher graphic novels. I have been trying to find them used, and so far I have gotten the first five volumes from this one store for around $7 each. Sadly, there were none to be found. But fear not! I did manage to make a few purchases anyways. So here is a list of what I bought, in case you guys care about material things.

Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston- a book by one of my favorite novelists. I am only 5 chapters in so I can't tell you too much about it.

No Country for Old Men - My favorite film of 2007. It was on sale this week at Best Buy so I had to pick it up. I plan to revisit it in the next few weeks.

Into the Wild- More than likely my second favorite film of 2007. If you have not seen this film, seriously stop what you are doing and go rent it. This is not an option. Everything about this film is perfect. The fact that it was pretty much ignored at the Oscars ( i.e No Best Picture, Actor, or Director), was a travesty.

Midnight Express - I have actually never seen this film before, but I have always heard it was incredible. Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay about this true story of a man imprisoned for smuggling hash, and the brutality and harshness of his incarceration.

Black Snake Moan - Nothing wrong with a half naked Christina Ricci chained up, and Sam Jackson playing the blues.

The Mosquito Coast- I am on a Harrison Ford kick lately. I am trying to watch alot of his early films, which tend to be better than most of his current work. But I guess we all need paychecks, even if it means starring in Firewall.

Murder in the First - Gary Oldman? Check. Kevin Bacon? Check. A film about the trial that shut down Alcatraz.


Chase said...

Everybody makin' jokes about CRACK...
I wonder what CRACK heads say.

I want to see Into the Wild. It's on my netflix queue. I don't know much about Murder in the First but the poster looked cool.

Jared said...

Crack heads are like... "Man, crack is like my slap bracelets!"

But seriously, Justin, I have two or three of the preachers books I believe. I have one of the last ones for sure, I'll check later and let you know.

Jeff Watkins said...

I'm watching Seinfeld season 9 and eating Burger King for breakfast. That's where my money goes.

Crack heads don't usually call it crack. They call it "life".

Chase said...

Well, there's my answer. I knew I should have just asked one.