Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whats new with me.

Whats up guys? Personally I think this idea is pretty damn brillant, since we are all scattered in different parts of the country. So here is a little list of whats been going on in my world, everything from movies to career.

1. I am now involved with two film production companies trying to get films off the ground and make money in the process. We have a short horror film called "The Letter" that we are basically making as a resume of sorts. The general idea is to make this short with no budget and then have our contact guy get it in the right hands,
which could mean a picture deal with Lionsgate.

2. Since living in Orlando I am driving my third car. I drove a 98 Grand Am, then a 99 Corolla and now I am driving a white 98 Firebird 5 speed. Best car I have ever owned, looks pretty badass too.

3. My dvd collection is close to 1000 strong.

4. Since getting involved in filmmaking, I have filmed live perfomances of David Bazan, Lucero,
BB King and Gasoline Heart. I still mantain contact with everyone except for BB King.

5. Speaking of music, over the past year I have discovered some great new bands. Lucero,
Gasoline Heart, Reckless Kelly, and The Frames. I find my musical tastes has gotten much more
mellow and southern as of late.

6. Also 2007 marked the first year in awhile that I was not able to go see the Dave Matthews Band
live. I hope this isnt the same for 2008.

7. On to good movies.....if you have not seen "No Country for Old Men", do so next week when it
comes out on dvd. I can't get enough of that movie.

8. I have also gotten into reading comics (mostly graphic novels). "Preacher" is highly recommended, and in my opinion one of the best stories ever printed to page. I am also a big fan
of "The Walking Dead", which is by far the best stories involved zombies EVER! Others I read are
"The Boys", anything written by Alan Moore, and I am about to start reading " Y: The Last Man".

9. I am also reading novels by S.M Stirling, George R. R. Martin and various books about films or
filmmaking. The Martin book series is mind blowing.

10. My most anticipated movie of 2008 is "Indiana Jones and the really long title", or just Indy 4.

There are a few things to get you guys caught up on whats new and interesting in my life. I miss all of you
and I hope all is well.


Justin said...

My browser fucked up on the format. May have to start writing the blogs on IE instead of Opera.

Jared said...

I did an edit on your post and basically just re-published exactly what you wrote. It fixed the lines where words were missing, but it still "fucked up the format" as you so eloquently put it. Have you tried Mozilla Firefox? It's an excellent browser and light years ahead of IE in my opinion.

Anyways, great to virtually hear from you again, I'll post one of these little catch up ten spots too, and can't wait to hear from the rest of you guys.