Sunday, March 9, 2008

Testicular Torsion!!

I thank God I don't have that problem. I must add though TT is the single greatest thing you'll ever put your ears to, give this hot new speed metal act a listen.

No, not really.

We were watching ye Romeo and Juliet when agast I could not focus due to overwhelming diversion into the metaphysical and subsequent feelings of depression. I needed to distract my mind which is why I sat down here at the computer.

I too can be easily summarized into a list of 9 or 10. So,

1. I believe myself to have been a needy guy when you all last knew me. I believe I'm not now. Funny story, once a year into college I ran into a guy I knew from high school. I wanted him to know that I had changed. I was trying to explain this to him but I think he thought I was telling him I was gay.

2. My brother, 15, will be coming to stay with us this summer. I think that my mom is trying to see if it would work for him to live with us. This is something we are excited at the prospect of, because his life there with my dad sucks.

3. Presently am listening to and enjoying Johnny Cougar's "I Need a Lover".

4. The truth is probably that I need an anti-depressant. Does anyone understand what it means to be pleased with your life but feel like there's a foot in your brain holding your mood under?

5. I hope you don't, but I resent anyone who assumes the problem is beyond chemical.

6. I no longer fear checking the mail or answering the phone because we are now out of credit card debt. Though a ringing phone is still the single most nerve-wracking noise.

7. After 7 moves in 2 years, we've been appreciating stability this past year. That stability is afforded to us by my first decent job. I still do not know what I want to be when I get grown, but right now not worrying about food or bills feels like a high calling.

8. Got job-quitting stories? I do. Ask me sometime when you'd like a laugh.

9. We are into recycling and tend to other eco-concerns. Donna's mom calls us "green" like that's a bad thing.

10. Still no pets or kids (that I know of).

11. I couldn't stand to be boxed in to a 10 item list or to name only one movie so...I liked Atonement, Juno, and U2 3D. Also, I read 75 books last year but so far this year only 3. A goal I have this year is to read more contemporary fiction. I'll post a list later of books in progress and books intended, as well as others considered.

I miss you guys, my friends. I've made other friends out of co-workers and such but all seem lame substitutes. Thanks for setting the bar so high. Really. Anyway, this new endeavor here is pretty exciting for those kind of reasons.


Justin said...

Speaking of anti-depressants, if you ever take Effexor, I will personally come over there and kick your ass.

As far as books go, read George Martin and S.M Stirling. Oh and if you want to read something creepy as hell and disturbing....check out "The Ruins". Scariest thing I have read in a long time.

Jared said...

I heard somewhere that being "green" was pretty much synonymous with being depressed... Oh well, try St. John's Wort once a day, it helped me quite a bit. I had a cyst removed from my jaw this past summer and the whole experience was very testing: emotionally, physically and financially. I was pretty bummed out for a while after, and the Wort has been on my daily routine ever since. It has certainly helped me

That's funny that you're finally settling down, I can't wait to get the fuck out of this town!

Chase said...

Justin: what is it about Effexor?

Jerad: do you ever mispell your own name? this would be a cool way to do it.

I found out on the phone last night that my friend Chris had gone to hospital with symptoms of Heart Attack. He's fine now. So, how's your jaw? Was it a pretty simple operation?

Jared said...

I guess it was simple, I'm not sure as it was my first time under anesthesia. It was basically a growth tissue that developed in a few centimeter wide cavity below my teeth in my chin. They even had to cut that little thing that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth!