Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McPasty's Big Day

So, big news. I quit my job. Yup, this morning I left the old quitting message on the supervisor's phone. Old trick comes in handy.

No, actually I've just taken the day off. It's the first day I've called out at this job and at six months that's a new world record. I've been thinking to take a day since Monday a week ago but have kept making myself go on in. I've been feeling pretty run down and haven't been very productive. I've consistently been performing far ahead of the curve and have not wanted to miss because I am competitive and didn't want to lose this. When I awoke today I knew it was just not happening. I made the call and slept until 11.

I've been stirring around, taking my time since then. We're having lunch soon and then are going to the bookstore and the park.


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Jared said...

I've only called in twice in 3 1/2 years at Lenscrafters and I've still caught shit both times. People are lame when they're not sick. They never remember what it was like to be sick.