Monday, March 10, 2008

"I Miss Those Summers Where Nothing Mattered More Than You"

Well look at these morose looking mofo's right here. I could have used profanity there, but decided not to because it sounded too harsh. Plus this is a reunion of sorts and we should be on our best behavior. I am fine with profanity, just so you know. Shit, ass, dick, hell, twat...oh, there's the line.

Hi guys.

I must admit, when Jed first presented the idea to me about a new blog I wasn't all that accepting. I had reservations. The crux of the problem would be in the lack of time I have to spare for things not work and school related. Yet, after having read all of your introductory posts catching up on life, how can I not blog now? These feels like old times. Just in case you are curious, To Whom It May Concern is still running. Running may be somewhat of a wishful term.

Okay, so to catch up on my life:

I will graduate with a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Seminary in December of this year. I then will do something for work for six months or so. At the moment (as things often change), I plan on attending Rice University to pursue a Ph.D. in Humanities as a Religious Studies major with a concentration in Modern Christianity in Thought and Popular Culture. I think my purpose in vocational work is to teach. I feel like for now it's high school, but after a doctorate, I may just want to teach at a university. Who knows, I could finish and decide to start a band.

I still attempt to write poetry and songs, but not as often as I once did.

A friend of mine gave me an XBOX for free a year ago. I play it on a regular basis at work. I take care of handicapped people for a job. It's cool. I get paid to sleep (albeit, it's barely minimum wage). I go to school full time too. I have no life.

I still read a bunch, but it's mostly for school. I have been reading "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens for a couple of years now. It is dreadfully boring. Other than that, I have been reading "Race Matters" by Cornel West recently. It's good, but a little depressing, too. I don't really enjoy feeling like crap because of my ignorant ancestry. But really, who does?

I am dating a girl who I am crazy about, but she is nothing like me. She's black, essentially a spiritualist who is not a Christian, and very much set in her ways (okay, so maybe we share certain qualities). But she is fun and she gets me. I don't know if I've ever experienced that before. She's also a distraction, and that has been a problem lately.

An indie flick I watched a couple weeks ago called Rocket Science was amazing and I highly recommend it to you all. I also just watched American Gangster and was a little disappointed.

I still drive the tan 1994 Nissan Altima. It has 221,000 miles on it. I feel like it's going to die any day now.

This is far too long.

I miss you guys and think fondly of our days in that very small town.


Jared said...

May I add, cunt?

So does she have black people hair or white people hair? I hate black people hair. What was that book you were reading?

Speaking of cars dying, I was recently telling a friend the story of two guys trying to get to Dothan, stopping every five miles to wait for the radiator to cool and fill it with water again. I definitely do not miss that town, but I do miss you!

Justin said...

A spiritualist huh? We talking about psychic medium stuff, or just someone who claims to be a "spiritual" person? Just curious. These days I am about as spiritual as a paper plate, but I still like to be abreast of what people believe.

Jeff Watkins said...

Jed: I look back at writing twat and will never do it again. Gags*

I remember having to do that on the way home from Dothan in the white wagon, but not to go there. I miss you too.

Justin: I used the term loosely. She's into astrology and the meaning and teachings behind Wiccanism. She wants to go to church with me sometime, so I think she's just someone who is seeking truth. I'm annoyingly Christian around her, and she doesn't mind.

P.S. Spiritual as a paper plate is still a small percentage. I suppose it's better than none at all, haha.

Jared said...

I think the joke was that a paper plate is 0% spiritual, but I could be wrong.

Justin said...

I have known a few Wiccans over here, nice people. I dont think the proper approach is being annoyingly christian though dude. I think that would turn someone off to it more than anything. I mean,if she cares about you she wont mind so much. Besides, there are alot of similarities between wicca and christiany, so it could turn out you might believe alot of the same things. Not the core things I am sure, but still something.

Chase said...

Jared: Substitute Chipley for Dothan and that story happened at least one other time.

Justin: I bought a Stirling book today unfortunately as you have advised me, it was not the right one. What kind of paper plate are you? Chinette is into Eastern Mysticism.

Jeff: Speaking of psychic mediums, Someone from your past who has gone on is trying to communicate with you. His name starts with an E or an I. He is saying something about a blue bathrobe.

Jared said...

Yeah, and Dixie is most definitely southern baptist!

Jeff Watkins said...

Jed: Do you know the spiritual level of a paper plate?

Justin: If I say anything about George Bush positively, you're going to think it's annoying because you dislike him a lot. In the same way, this girl does not like the church, so most times, I am annoying her when I make claims about God being the author of life, or absolute truth, et al. She respects me, though, so that's why there is no problem. I don't set out to be annoying. But when someone is very strongly one way, it tends to annoy those who are not like minded. Does that make sense?

Chase: Perhaps we can do some sort of ritual to figure out who this person is when I come to TN :)

Jared said...

Well I was just going off the packaging for my paper plates and it says "Absolutely No Spirituality!" But maybe that's just a selling point.

Justin said...
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Justin said...

Jeff: After Bush's little veto last week, there isn't really anything positive to say about him. Other than this is his last year in office, so thats positive.

Chase: I don't know what kind of paper plate I am. Just not walking the same path I was 5 years ago. I feel like God more than likely is on a long smoke break, or maybe he just isn't too concerned with humankind anymore. Granted, I also don't believe in any kind of organized religion at this juncture. So I guess my thoughts on God doesn't matter. But religion and my life is a whole other blog.

Jared said...

I was kind of hoping religion and our lives would find its way into this blog quite a bit. I for one don't think God is on a smoke break, however, I feel humanity has put a bit too much of a strain on said "creator's" responsibilities.

Jeff Watkins said...

I can't think of four people whose lives and spiritual journeys share similarities and overlap more than ours. I think blogs about God, religion, faith, video games, women, food, etc would be both benefical and useful.

Justin said...

Jeff: I second the motion, and agree.

Jed: Would you mind explaining more about what you meant about humans straining the creator? If thats another post, I can wait.

Jared said...

It is probably a tad too heavy for the comments section I would wager, but my explanation shall be forthcoming, of that I'm sure.